What is this game?
Plinko is a very simple game where you drop a ball from the top of a pegged pyramid and watch it randomly bounce all the way to the bottom. Once it reaches the bottom, the slot that it falls into corresponds to a payout value. This game is extremely simple, entertaining, and derives a lot of its popularity from Japan as there are many plinko game centers scattered throughout the country. Plinko has also been featured on many popular televised game shows such as "The Price is Right." Are you ready to give it a shot? Read below for a guide on how to play!

How to play?
Prior to dropping the ball, enter the amount you would like to bet and the color of the ball you wish to drop. Make sure to choose your lucky color! Once those are set, press the Play button and watch the ball fall down the pegged pyramid into the slot corresponding to your payout. Each slot corresponds to a different payout ranging from a 650x payout to a 0.4x return.

Payouts and Possibilities
Payouts depends on the color of the ball that is dropped and the slot that it falls into. Please reference the table below to see the possibilities. Slots at the edge of the pyramid have higher payouts but a lower chance of hitting and vice-versa.

Slot number (from left to right) Target from Target to Numbers range
1 0 0 1
2 1 16 16
3 17 136 120
4 137 696 560
5 697 2516 1820
6 2517 6884 4368
7 6885 14892 8008
8 14893 26332 11440
9 26333 39202 12870
10 39203 50642 11440
11 50643 58650 8008
12 58651 63018 4368
13 63019 64838 1820
14 64839 65398 560
15 65399 65518 120
16 65519 65534 16
17 65535 65535 1

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Provably Fair gambling is a technology that is unique to Bitcoin gambling that makes it impossible for a player or casino to cheat.
You no longer have to doubt the house for your every loss. So, whatever game you are playing, you can be confident that the result is fair and accurate given its fairness is provable.

Seeds are generated strings that are used for cryptographic purpose.

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SHA512 hash: Server seed and client seed combined and encrypted in SHA512

To check if your last bet was truly fair, go to an online SHA512 generator, copy Server and Client seed and for a result you'll receive SHA512 hash.

Then, convert characters from Hexadecimal to Decimal in sets by four. You'll receive a digit between 0 and 65535, which represents a fallen number. Match that number with the corresponding range in the payouts table to verify where the ball landed.

BetID Time User Coin Bet Ball Multiplier Profit

BetID Time User Coin Bet Ball Multiplier Profit

BetID Date User Coin Bet Ball Multiplier Profit

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Data is refreshed once every 10 minutes.